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Is Samsung’s Insanely High-Res 10-inch Tablet LCD iPad 3-Bound?

Is Samsung’s Insanely High-Res 10-inch Tablet LCD iPad 3-Bound?
Disgruntled iPad owner? Suffering iPhone “retina” display envy? Who says you can’t have your piece of pretty faux cake and gobble a crazy high-res version of it, too? Certainly not Samsung, who’ve just announced a 10.1-inch LCD display with 300 dpi (a measure of how many dots they’ve crammed into an inch—300′s high for a [...]
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Apple Sued Again Over iOS Location and Data Sharing
Apple is in the hot seat again in a new lawsuit that says iPad and iPhone user location data and other personal information is being shared with third-party advertisers. Apple is accused of aiding and abetting the “intentional taking and transmitting” of user data to third parties.
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Aluminum’s weight, durability cause strong demand
Aluminum has been taking on a bigger role in electronics products, such as computers, TVs and cell phones as designers try to use more environmentally friendly materials. The metal is easily recycled with no loss in quality, industry experts say, and it has a long list of other pluses.
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Top 10 Verizon Wireless Phones
Check out the ten hottest Verizon Wireless phones, including models by HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson and Apple.
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Generalizations: Is Microsoft the new GM? No, and yes
It’s impossible not to draw a few Microsoft parallels with GM. Not least is that Microsoft is a victim of hundreds of small cuts. Whether they realize it or not, both companies are primarily in the business of hiring top talent and letting its innovative brilliance make the business grow.
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Why Google’s Chromebooks are born to lose
It is funny how often it generally takes for a new idea to stick in the market. We first started messing around with tablets in the early 90s. Now, nearly 20 years later, only one vendor has made a successful one: the Apple iPad.
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iPad purchases have little to do with weak consumer PC market: NPD
A very small percentage of consumers are abandoning PC purchases for Apple’s iPad said market research company NPD in its recent Apple iPad Owner Study II report.
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Axel Springer Chief Says Tablets Are ‘Big Game Changer’ For Newspapers
Axel Springer AG (SPR) Chief Executive Officer Mathias Doepfner said tablet computers such as Apple Inc. (AAPL) ’s iPad will change the newspaper industry as consumers are willing to pay for content on these devices.
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Surrounded by Screens: A Multi-Tablet, Multi-Monitor Workspace [Featured Workspace]
# featuredworkspace Today’s featured workspace packs three screens, multiple touch devices, and Nendoroid Japanese figurines on one desk. More »
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iPad usage survey shows Web browsing still primary tablet timesink

iPad usage survey shows Web browsing still primary tablet timesink
Silicon Alley Insider has posted a chart showing the comparative results of reported iPad usage from November 2010 to the current month of May 2011. As you can see from the chart above, an overwhelming amount of people spend a majority of their time on Apple’s tablet surfing the Web — most of those people presumably using Safari to do so. After Web browsing, which came in at 36%, emailing …
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How to trade Apple ahead of its big June conference
Goldman Sachs lays out strategy for taking advantage of volatility in the shares before the June 6 Developers Conference, which moves the stock more than earnings reports
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HTC Puccini 4G tablet to take on iPad at AT&T
AT&T is lining up a pair of HTC devices for the near future that could see the carrier get its first major 10-inch tablet alternative to the iPad, a pair of leaks showed. Nicknamed the Puccini, it would be one of the first truly 4G devices on the network and use LTE. It’s presumed by PocketNow that the device would use Android 3.0 and support the Scribe pen support from HTC’s smaller Flyer….
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Google Updates App Store to Counter Apple
Google’s Android Marketplace, where it sells the tiny programs called apps, is getting a makeover.
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Foreclosures hit 20-month low in region
Foreclosures in Metro Detroit hit a 20-month low in April, plummeting 36 percent from the same period a year ago, according to RealtyTrac monthly statistics that will be released today.
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Vidyo’s mobile videoconferencing app showcased on iPad 2
You’re staring at your iPad 2 screen, at what looks like four pictures of four coworkers quartering the display. And then one of them waves at you. And you wave back. And the videoconference starts.
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Google: 100 Million Android Devices Activated, 4.5 Billion Apps Downloaded
The Android mobile powerhouse is cruising to new heights with 100 million activated devices, 4.5 billion applications downloaded from the Android Market, and 450,000 developers building tools for Android phones and tablets
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Google service streams music to PCs and Android devices
Google has taken the wraps off its “Music Beta by Google” streaming music service, the search engine’s bid to challenge Apple’s iTunes and music services.
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Apple is world’s second-largest buyer of accelerometers, gyroscopes, microphones
The popularity of Apple’s iOS devices propelled the manufacturer to the top of the consumer microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors market . The millions of iOS devices in the wild are chock full of 3-axis gyroscopes, accelerometers, microphones and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) duplexers. In 2010, Apple’s purchase of these sensor components rose 116.7 percent year over year and climbed to a …
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Apple tops Nintendo in MEMS sensor buys in 2010
A new report by IHS iSuppli dethrones Nintendo as the top buyer of tiny components called Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems during 2010. Leading the pack was Samsung, followed closely by Apple. Originally posted at Apple Talk
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More Time Inc. Print Subscribers Get App Version For Free
SI, Fortune and Time Magazine subscribers join People for free app access.
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Apple says it is not tracking iPhone users
SAN JOSE, Calif. – Apple said Wednesday that it will provide a software update for the iPhone’s location tracking file that researchers brought to light last week.
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Motorola Xoom Android tablet review
The 10in device starts at the same price as Apple’s category-creating iPad, but there are many elements that put it behind (updated) So here it is: the Motorola Xoom is about to land on our shores. This is a review, but because this is about tablets you know that it must involve comparisons. The Xoom doesn’t live alone; if it were the world’s only “media tablet” (to use the phrase analysts are …
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UPDATE 5-Sony to resume some PlayStation services; apologizes
* Sony to offer some free content to keep customers
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Android tablets don’t impress developers
Smitten with Apple.
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Samsung sues Apple, alleging patent infringements
TAIPEI, 22 APRIL 2011 – Samsung Electronics has hit back at Apple with lawsuits in three countries alleging infringement of patents on smartphone technologies.
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